Chicken Brine and its Benefits.

Brining is the process where the chicken is soaked in salted water. The chicken will absorb the water to become moist. It will absorb he water by the process of osmosis. This will ensure that the chicken is moister after the cooking. It is mostly important in the roasting. This is because it makes the chicken tenderer after cooking. There are several ways of brining chicken. One can do a dry or wet brine.
Chicken brining
A gallon of water
A cup of sugar – any brand
Olive oil and others
One should consider the amount according to the size of number of chicken to brine.
Wet Brine
One will need to pour water into a bowl. The water should be warm. Ensure that the water covers the whole chicken. The whole soaking of the chicken is important as it will make every part be brined. Ensure enough water in the bowl. Add salt into the water and stir thoroughly. This will enable water to be drawn into the chicken by osmosis. To the water, add sugar. The sugar will make the chicken brown. The amount of sugar should equal that of the salt. You can use brown, white sugar or honey. Take  a look  at this link https://www.leaf.tv/articles/how-to-brine-boneless-skinless-chicken-breast/   for more information.  After adding the sugar stir thoroughly. Add any other seasoning to the brine. These will include garlic, onion, lemon or orange juice, coriander seeds or any other you might have. Boil the brine for one minute. This ensures that all the ingredients penetrates the chicken. Submerge your chicken in the brining solution. Cover the bowl with a plastic wrap. Put into the refrigerator and allow to soak in the brown for some hours, not less than 8 for a whole chicken. Ensure the temperature is below the room temperature. Remove your chicken from the brine. Decant the brining solution. Dry excess water. Your chicken is now ready for cooking. This wet brine will require a lot of time. Learn more about  what should I make for dinner,  go here. 
Dry Brine
A dry brine will not require water. It keeps away moisture as much as possible. It is advantageous as it will make your chicken flavorful and crispy. The brine is mixed thoroughly when dry and applied on the chicken then refrigerated. Allow the chicken loner in the fridge to ensure effectiveness. One can also the roasting brine. Find out for further details on dinner recipes  right here. 

It will make the chicken moisture after cooking
It increases the tenderness of the chicken
It increases the flavor of the chicken
It also improves the texture of the chicken.
They reduce the fat content and makes the chicken juicier.